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Cookie Use Policies

In compliance with section 22.2 of the Act 34/2002, on Information Society Services, we inform the users of our website about our Cookies Use Policy.

What is a Cookie?
Cookies are files that contain small amounts of information and that are downloaded when visiting our website. The cookies are necessary in order for the internet to operate; they cannot harm your equipment/device and, if activated in your browser’s settings, they can help us to identify and resolve possible errors in the operation of our website.
The main purpose of the cookies is to recognize a user every time she/he access the website, in addition to help us improve the quality and the use of our websites (by identifiers that do not allow the identification of any natural person).

Types of Cookies
There are different types of cookies. They all work the same way, but with small differences:
– Session cookies. The session cookies only last for the time of the visit and are deleted when the user closes the browser. Their main purpose is to identify the type of device, and to support the websites security or its basics features. They do not contain any personal information that may identify a person.
– Persistent or permanent cookies: They are stored on the device’s hard drive. The website will recognise them every time the user visits the website. They have an expiration date, after which the cookie stops working. They allow identifying the actions and preferences of the user. They analyse the visits and help understand how users get to the website, and how to improve the service offered.

– Functional cookies: This type of cookies allows to record the decisions made by the user, such as their login or username. The information of these cookies is anonymous (they do not contain name, address or other personal data).
– Third Party cookies: The third party cookies are installed by a website that is not the one the user is visiting, as for example, those used by social medias (such as Facebook) or by external content plugins (such as Google Maps).
– Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies are those that have the purpose of periodic maintenance, and guarantee the best experience and service to the user, by collecting data on the user’s activity, such as connection timeout, session identifier, etc.

Use of cookies by Scandinavian Energy and Real Estate Solutions SL
By accessing our website, the user expressly accepts that we can use these types of cookies on their devices. However, the navigation on our website will not be affected if the cookies are disabled.

User configuration to avoid cookies
By browsing and using our website you are consenting to the use of cookies under the conditions contained in this “Cookies Policy”. Scandinavian Energy and Real Estate Solutions SL
provides access to this “Cookies Policy” at the time of access for the first time, in order to inform the user and without any prejudice to the user being able to exercise his/hers right to block, eliminate or reject the use of cookies at all moment.
In any case, we inform that the unnecessary cookies for our website can be blocked or disabled by activating the browsers settings, which will allow the user to reject the installation of all cookies or some of them. Most browsers give the option to automatically reject cookies or to warn about their use. If the cookies are rejected, then the user can continue using our website; although, some of the website’s services may be limited, and therefore, the experience can be less satisfactory.

The user can configure their browsers to maintain their privacy and security in relation to the use of cookies. In order to this, the user can request the information in the links to the official support sites of the main browsers, by blocking the cookies through the browsers configuration tools, or by choosing the option of notification when a server wants to save a cookie.

Links to third parties
In the case of links to third parties, the user will be under the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the new website, and the user accepts that Scandinavian Energy and Real Estate Solutions SL
Mundial will not be responsible nor have any legal obligations for the use of such websites.